We believe in live demos and quick introduction videos of what
we build for you our customer.

We are building this actively for you with the feedback that you deliver.

Live Demo Video Setup

All Links, One Spot

Every company has 25+ links that they go to on a regular basis. The catch, it takes time to find each of them each time you need them.

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Browser Agnostic

It doesn't matter if you are on your favorite browser or your companies choice of browser or even mobile, all the links are there for your team!

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Consolidated Analytics

We track every detail of every link so that you can see when people go to the links, how often, and what their process is. Make sure you are using the right tools!

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Developed Securely

With security protocols aligned within the tool and SSO for your company if desired, we know that you can have a secure location for your organization.

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More and more great features

We are continually updating the features based on our clients!


Metric Centered

As we grow and your use grows, more and more AI will be built into the tool. Why? So that when you arrive here, the item you need to use will be the center of attention! We will know what you need when you need it.


Ultra Fast and Always Up

Our aim is to make the tool seamless and quick while making sure uptime is over 99.6% with our three fail over tools allowing you to use this site as a company announcement page for any situation that may occur.


Saving Time

Every tool that you expect your employees and team members to use takes time to find and get too. With this, we save an average of 10 minutes a day per person searching for the link that need to do their job.


Team Oriented

We have it covered for you and your team. Teams use it for inspirational sites to internal links for news. No matter what you need, we have probably heard of a group using it that way.

App Pricing

Our goal is to keep pricing where it is a value add at all times.

  • Basic
  • Our basic application allows what is needed to get the job done and get it done right!
  • $1.50 / month
  • Company Page
  • Unlimited Links
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Basic Statistics
  • Signup
  • Standard
  • With the standard option, we give you a bit more control and opportunity for your users.
  • $22.00 / month
  • All of the Basic +
  • Deep Analytics
  • Announcement Items
  • Multiple Administrators
  • Set Custom Domain (cname)
  • Basic Support
  • Signup
  • Premium
  • With premium you have added levels of security and grouping for ease of management.
  • $56.00 / month
  • All of the basic and standard +
  • SSO Integration with Okta
  • User Groups and Management
  • Up to 500+ Active Users
  • Security Management
  • Signup

*There is a free version as well; simply sign up! If you have any questions before purchasing and/or want to have a demo built out for your usecase, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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